Do you want to implement exciting projects more effectively?

  • At the desired date
  • Economically
  • In assured quality

Changes cause up to 80% of process costs. However, product changes are often implemented ineffectively.

In most cases, the large project order receives the complete focus including management and a project manager.

Change projects, on the other hand, go through chaotic processes.

They have a huge impact on the economic success of the product and contribute significantly to customer satisfaction.

Engineering Change Management

A technical change often has to go through the same or more steps as the master project.

With the difference that the change is regularly given less time on a smaller budget.

Moreover, if the current situation is unclear, it will be difficult to identify the opportunities and risks of a change, or to implement them in a timely manner.

Simplify your changes with intelligent systems

  • Process model for engineering change management
  • Effective Integration of existing IT landscapes
  • Start your checklist for change pilots

So you can reach

  • Faster implementation
  • Challenging budget targets
  • Reliable quality



  • Layout planning
  • Process software
  • Integrated SAP / ERP / PLM systems
  • Data migration / Information logistics


  • Process optimization
  • Scrum Mastermind
  • Business development
  • Intercultural competence