Logistics planning and concepts

Technical product changes are not effectively implemented in the automotive industry.

In most cases, the large project order receives the complete focus including management and a project management.

Change projects, on the other hand, go through chaotic processes. Changes often cause 80% of process costs. They have a huge impact on the success of the economy and contribute significantly to customer satisfaction.

Technical Change Organization

The process chain of a change often goes through the same steps as the main project.

With the difference that the change is regularly given less time on a smaller budget.

Moreover, if the status of the project is unclear, it will be difficult to identify, evaluate or quickly implement the opportunities and risks of change.

My mission is to organize business processes in a way that saves you time and resources.

Specht-concepts include all relevant steps from product development through lean production to transport.

International Project Management
  Relocation of production
  Change documentation
  Time management / Scheduling 
  Organization with helicopter view
Logistics Concepts
  Supply Chain Management
  Concept development
  Visualization of logistical processes
  Logistics software


Data Management
  Mobile business processes
  Master data coordination
  ERP systems SAP, PLM
  Technical documentation
Engineering Change Management
  Feasibility DFAM, FMEA
  Variant Concepts
  Invest Estimation
  Process Consulting


Saving time through shortcuts in the process jungle

+ More projects in less time

+ Understandable change management

+ Structured and harmonious processes

+ Saving double work

+ Unraveling the process chaos

Find out which system you use to organize your technical changes.

Get advice on which change concepts are most economical.


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