Gregor Specht


Use unique know-how in the design of agile relocation processes.

Customers from the automotive industry I know well, and also the interfaces with their suppliers.

I love listening, asking questions and implementing changes quickly and harmoniously.

Since my education for a Master in engineering science at RWTH Aachen University, it has been my drives, to analyse complex processes and to organize them in time so that they save costs and energy.

During business process development, times and variants should be reduced - as well as risks optimized. Of course, both the products and the data quality exceed the various performance requirements.

Information technology connects commercial and technical processes. At the internal and external interfaces, double work and friction losses occur. In addition, it also important to clarify stakeholders, mission and values.

Specht projects point exactly.

I enable decision-makers to develop effective structures and processes without wasting huge sums into quality or IT.

I am used to coordinating project and milestone goals and implementing them with partners & intercultural teams.

Use external know-how to design your transformation.

Faster on target with Specht concepts

I look forward to hearing from you.

Double work and fruitless tuning cycles? ... a thing of the past.

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    "We would particularly like to highlight the successes of Mr. Specht in the design and development of lean, cost-optimized processes. In doing so, he always put his very good specialist knowledge safely and targeted into practice. He always planned all projects very carefully, set meaningful milestones and guaranteed economic implementation. He was able to capture even difficult situations right away and quickly find the right solutions. We experienced Mr. Specht as a communicative employee, who always expressed himself clearly and performed convincingly in front of large groups. He integrated himself exemplary in our team structures and actively promoted the cooperation. He coped well with all the contacts and always met them in a friendly, open and courteous manner.

    Dr. Hummer

    MAHLE BEHR Group


    "Even under the most difficult working conditions and the greatest time constraints, Mr. Specht managed all tasks in an excellent manner. He always acted calmly, target-oriented and to the highest degree precise. He always convinced in a special way in both qualitative and quantitative terms. Mr. Specht was highly reliable.

    He found very effective solutions for the most difficult problems, which he successfully implemented at any time and thus always achieved excellent work results.

    Nikolas T.

    Branch Manager



    Hello Gregor,

    Thank you for your support and visit : )

    It was really a pleasure for us to receive you at Bouskoura.

    We hope to keep working together to further improve the way we store data and documents at Bouskoura.

    For the report, I already sent it to all concerned people and we will of course send you our PDCA with the actions decided to improve the storage for HR and Financial department documents.

    Siham T.

    Plant Quality Manager

    Leoni Wiring Systems - Morocco


    "Mr Specht identified himself with the responsibility assumed, and showed a high level of personal commitment, determination, and initiative, even beyond the usual working hours. Due to his quick comprehension, Mr. Specht worked fast and safely in new settings of tasks. With his good analytical judgement and his conceptual approach he implemented optimum solutions purposefully. We could always rely on his technical advice and judgment.“

    Joachim W.

    General Manager

    Magna Intier Automotive Näher


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    „Mr. Specht had extensive knowledge. He overlooked difficult contexts, recognised the essentials and was able to indicate solutions quickly. He took the initiative and served with above-average readiness for the duty of our enterprise. He handled strong workload at any time and did this always reliably and exactly. His judgement was characterised by his clear and logical thinking, which enabled him to provide secure evaluations. He mastered the work assigned to him independently and savely, found good solutions and had new ideas.“

    Hanspeter H.

    Managing Director

    HIB Holzindustrie Bruchsal


    "Particularly noteworthy is his work at our plant in northern Italy, where he created production concepts with great dedication. Together with plant management and consultant he scheduled and tracked the construction dates.“

    Peter A.

    Head of Central Quality Management

    EMPE-Werke Ernst Pelz GmbH


    "We got to know Mr. Specht as an employee who always showed initiative, diligence and zeal and adapted to new situations. He applied his solid expertise with care and accuracy, always delivering above-average quality workmanship. Work volume and pace of work were far above our requirements and expectations."

    Matthias K.
    Head of Engineering Center Sindelfingen
    RLE International


    "In his field of work, his perception and systematic approach came in handy. Even at high loads Mr. Specht managed his tasks always on time and flawlessly. Mr. Specht always distinguished himself by a good way of working. He always worked with dedication and initiative and had a high motivation to perform. He was always characterized by an above-average working quality.“

    Niko W.



    "Mr. Specht carried out all tasks in a completely independent, very careful and planned manner. He always acted calmly, goal-oriented and highly precise. In doing so, he always convinced in a good way both in qualitative and quantitative terms. Mr. Specht was highly reliable. Mr. Specht's achievements have received our full recognition at all times and in every respect.

    Marc V.

    Director Sales Europe

    HBPO GmbH


    "His behavior towards superiors and colleagues was always impeccable, secure and tactful towards customers and business partners."

    Thomas M.

    Managing Director

    Scotcon KG