Gregor Specht

Change Manager

Relocation Expert


Do you want to relocate or change your production processes?
Do you need know-how to design your transformation?

I help process owners to relocate their production in a structured and timely manner.

Without downtime, broken supply chains or process chaos.

I help medium-sized companies to introduce new products cost-effectively and quickly by eliminating bottlenecks and simplifying complex processes. In the Project Management Office, I manage critical projects responsibly and with an overview.

Before becoming an interim manager, I developed production layouts for cockpit assemblies and created and implemented just-in-time logistics concepts. I am well-versed in the use of PowerPoint and Excel.

I enjoy optimizing processes around IT data management.

Since my training as a mechanical engineer at RWTH Aachen University, I have been driven by the desire to design complex processes in such a way that they save costs and energy.

My values are reliability, sustainability, simplicity and harmonious processes.

As a marathon runner, I am interested in long-term success and run the extra mile for your transformation.



Gregor Specht

Double work and fruitless tuning loops - a thing of the past.