Gregor Specht


Use unique know-how in the design of international relocation processes.

Customers from the automotive industry I know well, and also the interfaces with their suppliers.

Since my education for a Master in engineering science at Aachen University, it has been my drives, to analyse processes as a whole: from goal setting and development through production to delivery.

I love to strategically plan business processes while reducing variants.

While developing processes, the system times, logistics costs and risks are minimized. Of course, both the products and the data quality will meet the various performance requirements.

Information technology connects commercial and technical processes. At the internal and external interfaces, double work and friction losses occur. In addition, it also important to clarify stakeholders, mission and values.

Specht projects point exactly.

I enable decision-makers to develop effective structures and processes without wasting huge sums into quality or IT.

I am used to coordinating project and milestone goals and implementing them with partners & intercultural teams.

Use external know-how to design your transformation processes.

Faster at the finish with Specht concepts

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Double work and fruitless tuning cycles? ... a thing of the past.