Concepts for a successful plant relocation

  • You want to produce closer to the market because of Corona
  • The supply chain is too expensive, to long or inflexible
  • Two bsuiness locations to be merged
  • You want to shift value creation

Relocation starts much earlier than expected and is more than just a move. That's why we develop

Relocation strategies for your business

  • Your receive tailored concepts for your transformation
  • I help to relocate your production smartly
  • Rely on experts for your change

Change management - perfectly scheduled

As an experienced transformation I accompany you with concept development, so that all stakeholders are involved in communication. You will receive a project structure plan so that you also keep a financial overview. With understandable relocation scenarios, the participants have a clear idea of what the journey can look like.

Together we put the steps in the right order: from stakeholder management to master data organization to machine transport, you can rely on me and my partners.

Minimize your risks and use relocation expertise from professionals

Read article based on a practical example

Outside the box - The slightly different relocation

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